Our Partners

The Marine Mammal Anatomy & Pathology Library is made possible by funding from the NOAA John H. Prescott Marine Mammal Stranding Grant Program.

Institutional Partners

MMAPL is a collaborative project between many insitutions and indviduals working together to respond to stranded marine mammals across the country.  We offer sincere thanks to all of those people who have contributed time, images, and expertise to making this resource high quality and broadly applicable and welcome the contributions of others that wish to participate. 

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Individual Contributors & Reviewers


UCSC Long Marine Lab

Dave Casper, DVM
Robin Dunkin, Ph.D.
Teri Sigler
Pat Morris


Melissa Miller, DVM, Ph.D.
Elizabeth Wheeler
Miles Reed
Dave Jessup, DVM
Stacy Tatman

The Marine Mammal Center

Frances Gulland, DVM Ph.D.
Marty Haulena, DVM
Murray Dailey, Ph.D.

University of Illinois

Kathleen Colegrove, DVM, Ph.D.

National Wildlife Health Center

Leslie Dierauf, DVM

Moss Landing Marine Lab

Jim Harvey, Ph.D.

UC Davis Dept of Pathology

Linda Lowenstein, DVM, Ph.D., ACVP

UC Davis Wildlife Health Center

Jonna Mazet DVM, MPVM, PhD
Tanja Zabka, DVM

Marine Mammal Pathobiology Laboratory

Sentinel Rommel, Ph.D.

Sea World

James McBain, DVM
Tom Reidarson, DVM
Judy St.Leger, DVM

California Academy of Sciences

Ray Bandar
Moe Flannery

The Animal Health Centre, Canada, VDL

Stephen Raverty, DVM, Ph.D.

Pelagic Shark Research Foundation

Sean Van Sommerman

Cornell School of Veterinary Medicine

Beth Buckles, DVM, Ph.D.

Brown University

Cally Harper, Ph.D.

 Koret School of Veterinary Medicine

Merav H. Shamir, DVM

University of North Carolina Wilmington

Ann Pabst, Ph.D.

William McLellan